Formula 1 analysis (1950–2020) using Tableau

  1. Formula 1 2020: Sports Viz Sunday Data Challenge | by James Smith | Nightingale
This was one of the most detailed work I found on the internet, the visualization is made for print media and this would be used to get in-depth information about the sport. The layout of the dashboard is well thought and this helped me ideate on the interactive dashboard I would want to work on.
Similarly, I found another visualization and it was interactive as well and the design and layout look sleek which makes it look more professional. This visualization, however, seems slightly difficult to understand for someone who is new to the sport.
  1. Which drivers are the Greatest Of All Time?
  2. Which team/constructors have been dominating?
  3. What tracks are the most exciting?
  4. Differences among the top 2 Formula Teams in the modern F1?
Initial Dashboard
  1. Feel free to explore the dashboard and share your first impression.
  2. Were you able to figure out who is the best player to date in Formula 1 history? (Rate 1–5)
  3. Are you able to compare different drivers? (Rate 1–5)
  4. The most dominating constructor? (Rate 1–5)
  5. Which track hosts the most exciting race? (Rate 1–5)
Scrollable Storyboard
Left — Before | Right — After

User Feedback

Lewis Hamilton — G.O.A.T
Red Bull Racing stats — Selected in Blue color
Ferrari(red) — One of the most successful team in Formula 1
Red Bull Racing vs Mercedes



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